Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Good Lord, I'm sick already of hearing about the Presidential debates. Time was when I wouldn't miss a Presidential debate for all the world, but now I'm mostly grateful that the debates take an entire Thursday night out of the running for new TV programming, so I can watch some more of the Star Wars DVDs. Seriously, whether one leans for Bush or for Kerry, I personally think that anyone whose mind is still undecided at this point in the proceedings is better off not voting at all.

(But if we're really interested in prognosticating, my suspicion is that Kerry will struggle a bit to hit his stride, which will somehow be interpreted as a clear win for Bush in the debates. Bush, of course, will have his "Aw shucks" routine down pat, along with every simplistic answer he has in his arsenal. Afterwards, there will be much media babbling scrutinizing Kerry's performance in the debates, as opposed to scrutinizing things like Kerry's actual positions.)

But hey, it also means that The Apprentice is on a day earlier, which is fine by me. If any of my readers are watching it, does anyone else think that the producers took Caroline (one of Trump's right-hand people who oversees the show) aside after last year and told her to speak up more? She would go entire boardroom's last year without moving a muscle, and now this year, she's shooting with both barrels.

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