Thursday, September 23, 2004

Stupidest Guy EVER

Some guy decided to break up with his college girlfriend, so he typed up a PowerPoint presentation as his vehicle of dumpage. It's pretty funny to read, and I'm sure the Casanova-in-question will be shocked to discover that the mere existence of this presentation (assuming it's for real) automatically makes "Laura" the better person here. Ye Gods. I mean, in one slide he claims that he doesn't need to change at all -- but dude! You're breaking up with a girl via a PowerPoint presentation! You're a total loser!

But then, maybe it's just my inner geezer speaking. "Why, back in my day, ya wanted to break up with a girl, you told her to her face and that's how it was and we liked it!"

(via John Scalzi)

UPDATE: Well, don't click the link, because the guy in question apparently doesn't like it being seen and thus replaced it with something fairly nasty.

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