Thursday, September 23, 2004

Land of the "Lost"

I watched the premiere of Lost on ABC last night, and like a lot of other folks, I found it tensely exciting and engrossing. I want to know just why they crashed there, just what the big gnashing noises are coming from, what the deal is with the various conflicts amongst the surviving passengers, et cetera. I'm not sure how much mileage this show can really get as a TV series; as I consider the dramatic possibilities, I'm not sure I see the creators getting more than a handful of seasons' worth of shows out of this premise (from what little of the premise I've been able to work out), but who knows; if they can make those seasons memorable, then it's all to the good. Right now, I just hope that the ultimate revelation of just what else is on the island doesn't turn out to be disappointing on some level, kind of the way the revelations in the last couple of seasons of The X-Files were. "The Truth Is Out There" was, in the end, more exciting and intriguing than "OK, for those who hung in there, Here's The Truth".

I would, though, like to note that I assumed that since the show was airing at 8:00 pm, it wouldn't be totally inappropriate for The Daughter. While I'm generally more loose with what I allow her to watch than many other parents, I found this show entirely too grim, violent and intense for her eyes. Thankfully we got her out of the room before the final ten minutes played out, and before one character met a grisly fate that was spelled out in harsh visual fashion at the show's end. To my surprise, the show carried no "Violent Content" warning, like ABC always sticks at the beginning of episodes of NYPD Blue, so this really caught us unawares. In the future, I think we'll tape the show and watch it after she's in bed.

(In other TV series premiere notes, it seems that what the Law&Order franchise is to many, the CSI franchise is to the wife and I. We watched CSI: New York, and I liked what I saw, although this premiere episode was incredibly dour and downbeat. Its feel was more like Millennium than the original CSI, which still seems to be the only incarnation of CSI that actually allows for humor, albeit black humor, once in a while.)

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