Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Is there something in the Buffalo water?!

I heard a couple of excerpts from Buffalo Bills head coach Mike Mularkey's press conferences on the radio today, and he sounds just like Gregg Williams and Wade Philips used to sound, speaking in a low monotone while he says things like "We think we're making progress" and "Obviously there's some things to look at, but there are some silver linings" and "We just have to execute better". It seems that no matter who takes the reins in Buffalo, they become an unemotional milquetoast or something. How I'd love to see a Bills coach get in the face of his own players after they screw up (like Mike Ditka did -- I remember once when Jim Harbaugh threw an interception against the Vikings, and I thought Ditka was going to kill Harbaugh on the spot), or vent angrily in the post-game conference (like Jim Mora used to do -- I'll never forget when he went before the reporters and angrily announced, "We suck -- we're a diddly-poo offense!").

I'm one of the most generally optimistic Bills fans around, but even I admit that right now, the Bills aren't in a "silver lining" kind of place. They're in a "trash can liner" kind of place. It would be nice to hear one of their coaches say so once in a while, and get animated while doing it.

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