Monday, September 20, 2004

I'll take "Things That Suck" for $500, Alex.

I don't have much, really, to say about how bad the Buffalo Bills are right now. Good God, they're bad. They're 0-2, with an offense that has scored 20 points in two games. The only good news is that the defense has only given up 26 points in two games. Drew Bledsoe is looking downright bad again, and I'm just about ready to concede that he just doesn't have it anymore. Add to that the fact that the offensive line is absolutely abysmal, and that the defense seems to be in a "bend-but-don't-break" mode that sooner or later always breaks, leads me to believe that even my hesitant prediction of an 8-8 record this year was too optimistic.

This team stinks, and I see no real prospects for significant improvement, until Tom Donahoe stops wheeling and dealing for future draft picks and spending this year's picks on guys who won't be ready for two years, and brings in some guys who can help now, starting with the offensive line. Football games are won or lost by the big guys up front, and yet, Donahoe's regime has done utterly nothing (with the exception of drafting Mike Williams) to improve it.


I didn't pay attention to any other football action yesterday, but Sean has some thoughts.

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