Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hospital Annoyances

Today Quinn went in for surgery to put in a G-tube for feeding purposes. Everything went smoothly, and he's now recovering nicely. But as long as I've got my captive readers (stop reaching for the "Back" button!), here are a couple of gripes:

1. I know that budgets are tight at hospitals, what with our whole "capitalism in health care is just the perfect system!" approach, but still, my wife and I are going to be incurring some pretty massive medical bills over Quinn's lifetime, and I can accept that. Do we really have to be required to pay for parking at the damn hospital? Would it kill them to provide free parking for parents of infants in the NICU?

2. Anesthesiologists, take note: if you're looking for an icebreaker with the parents who are awaiting their infant's entry into surgery, "OK, I think we've got the right baby" is not it. Trust me on this.

3. Is it some weird facet of hospital architecture these days that every hospital must have something like forty-seven elevators, but a single stairwell that also happens to be impossible to find?

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