Sunday, December 28, 2003

Web Tools

Here, by the way, are some sites I found useful in redesigning things here:

:: Webmonkey's List of Special Characters. I actually don't use this as often as I should, but it is highly useful.

:: The Visibone Color Palette. This thing is enormously useful in choosing color schemes; it lets you compare shades on a side-by-side basis as well as showing all the available colors.

:: The Absolute Background Textures Archive. I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking through here, but my new backgrounds came from this site (as did my original backgrounds, which still show up as "inlays" in the sidebar).

Surprisingly, the job required no power tools and no use of spackle. (If there's a more fun home-improvement word than "spackle", I don't know what it is!)

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