Thursday, December 18, 2003

Reactions of the King

For easy reference, here are direct links to Return of the King reactions of just about everybody on my blogroll who, to my knowledge as of this writing, has both seen the film and posted about it. I, of course, believe that the movie is heinous dreck, although this is subject to change when I actually see the thing. I wouldn't be surprised if my opinion upgrades a notch or two.

(This, by the way, was purely facetious. Short of casting Yahoo Serious as the Mouth of Sauron, there's little Peter Jackson could do to shake me at this point.)

John Scalzi

Darth Swank

Sean Meade

Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Scott of The Gamer's Nook

Mickey (who seems like he'll have more to say later)

Sarah Jane Elliott

Michael Lopez (whom I was starting to wonder if he'd given up blogging forever) has a one-sentence preview of his review-to-come. I'd summarize, but I have now used more words than he did in his one sentence. But he rather bucks the common opinion I've seen elsewhere.

Oliver Willis thinks we're all a bunch of idiots and AD&D-playing losers. (Oh, and that a teenager gaining spider-powers and putting on a mask to fight crime is somehow "more honest". Anyone who has any idea what he's on about, let me know. I think Oliver has sung "Hail to the Redskins" one too many times.)

And for a couple of fascinating articles about LOTR in general, check these out:

Tolkien and Elf-Sex (via Darth Swank)

Tolkien and Wagner, with a mention of Howard Shore (via John Scalzi)

Tolkien and Spirituality (via Will Duquette)

There you go. Good reading, all. (Except Oliver, who I think let his adoration of Joe Lieberman cloud his thinking.)

Anyone else, feel free to leave links to your own posts about the film in Comments! (Unless you either hated the movie or think that Liv Tyler is a bad choice for Arwen. In either of those cases, stay away!)

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