Monday, December 15, 2003

In keeping with my post yesterday about Movie Witticisms Uttered Upon the Besting of the Villain, here is a matching game of my own devising. Match the funny (or unfunny) line spoken by James Bond to the villain upon whose death he uttered it. Got it? Good!

1. "She's had her kicks."
2. "He's branched up!"
3. "Well, he certainly left with his tail between his legs."
4. "He got the boot."
5. "Oh, he had to fly." (after being asked where the bad guy is)
6. "There's never a cab when you want one."
7. "He had no head for heights."
8. "Play it again, Sam."
9. "He met his Waterloo."
10. "Always give the public what it wants!"
11. "Do you mind if my wife sits this one out? She's just dead!"
12. "I think he got the point."
13. "He had a lot of guts!"

The villains, with their movies:

A. Fiona, Thunderball
B. Zorin, A View to a Kill
C. Locque, For Your Eyes Only
D. Chang, Moonraker
E. Necros, The Living Daylights
F. Unnamed Bad Guy, On Her Majesty's Secret Service
G. Vargas, Thunderball
H. Mr. Wint, Diamonds Are Forever
I. Blofeld, On Her Majesty's Secret Service (not technically a death)
J. Rosa Klebb, From Russia With Love
K. Whitaker, The Living Daylights
L. Elliott Carver, Tomorrow Never Dies
M. Hugo Drax, Moonraker

Have fun!

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