Wednesday, December 31, 2003

This is 2003, signing off.

I probably won't be posting anything more today, mainly because I have a ton of other work to get done. Three stories are going into the mail, the domicile isn't looking as good as it should, I've allowed the dishes to pile up. I'm not sure what 2003 "Retrospective" thoughts I want to post yet, if any, so those will wait until either tomorrow or the second. (I'm undecided on whether I'm posting anything tomorrow or taking a day off.)

So, as I complete my first complete calendar year of blogging (with the second anniversary coming up in a little over a month), I'd like to thank all of my readers, linkers, and commenters for the preceding twelve months. I'm not going to single anyone out specifically, because there are too many who deserve it and I'd inevitably forget someone important. So, to anyone who has perused this space over the last year, thank you and have a safe and good 2004.

And remember, if you go to any large, public celebrations tonight, please don't drink too much if you're driving and leave the almanac at home. I'd hate for one of my readers to be labeled a "person of interest".

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