Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I feel like the floor of a taxicab....

Well, I don't think I have the flu, unless the flu can manifest itself as one hell of a nasty sinus headache. I think I've had sinus headaches before, but never anything like this; the current annoyance has pretty much incapacitated me for two days now. I decided to do some Googling for headache info, and I quickly winnowed down my particular symptoms. The reason I didn't consider sinus headache to start with is that I've never had one like this, so I never really considered sinus headache in the past. What's been astonishing me about this headache is the degree to which it is localized to about three square inches of my skull, coupled with the unique feeling that my right eyeball is about to burst, pop-gun style, from my head. Now I feel like "Mad-Eye Moody" from the Harry Potter books. (Speaking of whom, when they cast him for the movies, I don't think anyone other than Lance Henriksen is acceptable. I love Lance Henriksen; he's one of those actors whose presence can make the worst movie a bit more tolerable.)

The other thing I've learned is this: Ibuprofen appears to have no effect whatsoever on a sinus headache. I have finally upgraded to Excedrin, which seems to be kicking in now. If I still have problems, then I'll reach for the Sinutab. And if that fails, I'll string together some pipe-cleaners and clean the damned sinuses out myself.

Actually, that has me thinking...maybe there's a homing device lodged in my upper sinuses that has Michael Ironside tracking me, even as I write this. Excuse me while I go wrap a wet towel around my head.

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