Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Good News in Buffalo

The Buffalo region finally got some good economic news yesterday: auto insurance giant Geico is going to be opening a big customer-service center here, with the number of jobs created to eventually number more than 2,000. The initial job creation will be modest -- 650 or so -- with the remainder to come over the next decade. But still, this is a huge deal for a region where nearly every news headline that pairs the word "Jobs" with a number refers to losses. This was a sufficiently big deal that Governor Pataki was here to make the announcement.

Now, hopefully, this will put a "spring in the step" of the people who work at plugging Buffalo for companies around the country and around the world; hopefully, success will breed success. Instead of "If we could ever get someone to come here", maybe the attitude will shift to "OK, we got a big one, who's next?"

Go Buffalo!

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