Friday, December 19, 2003

End of Year Link Clearance! Everything of Value Must Go!

This is basically a grab-bag of stuff I've had sitting in my bookmarks for some time, stuff that I placed there to investigate further at a later time and which I never got round to actually investigating further. I make no claims about most of this stuff being interesting, nor in some cases can I even vouch for the political position expressed (if any). This is the blogging equivalent of taking books off my shelves that I know I'll never read and giving them to the Library for the semi-annual booksale. So no flames, please, if something here is offensive!

Here we go:

:: The Complete 9-11-01 Timeline

:: NPR: A portrait of Sam Cooke

:: Unplugging the Matrix: Why the Franchise Went South

:: Mickey Kaus on the Florida Recounts in 2000

:: A 2000 Election Results URL Clearinghouse

:: Heart trouble? Drink dark beer!

:: Zen Asparagus (a Livejournal)

:: A gospel verse found on an ancient shrine (Actually, I remember this. It is pretty interesting.)

:: Want to read some graphic literature? Start with these. (I remember this one too, and vouch for it. Good article.)

:: A short interview with Viggo Mortensen. You've probably either already read this, or don't care.

:: An outstanding profile of composer Carl Stalling. Stalling was the genius behind the music of all the Looney Tunes cartoons.

And a few blogs I bookmarked and forgot about:

:: Third Level Digression

:: This Century Sucks (a really left-wing blog)

:: Art Education Philosophy (doesn't seem to be updated that much)

:: Confessions of a Scottish Trombonist in Denmark (exactly what it says)

:: Bill Maher (It seemed like every time I started to regularly read him, he'd take three weeks off from posting. Damned celebrities with blogs!)

:: The Writer's Writerly Journal

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