Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Via Pandagon, I see that Glenn Reynolds -- he of "I just link 'em, I don't read 'em to make sure they actually say what I think they say" fame -- links some post on some guy's blog in an attempt to "a little perspective to the -- genuine -- gloating we're seeing from some antiwar folks about 'massive' U.S. casualties". Of course, just who's doing this gloating over deaths of US soldiers is never established. Just one of those all-purpose "leftists think this" bits that doesn't hold up too well when one actually starts looking at actual leftists. And of course, the post he wants to use to give "perspective" to the leftists about gloating includes actual gloating, in the comments, about those poor French people who happen to dying in a heat wave. And of course, he's nice enough to assure us that he sure isn't gloating about French people dying, you know, because linking approvingly isn't the same thing.

This is why I neither link nor read Instapundit.

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