Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Roger, Houston. Entering blackout now. Catch you on the flip-side.

As noted, this is my last day of posting until next Monday. (Yes, I'll be posting on Labor Day. That's so all you disgusting people with jobs fine working citizens have something to read at work on Tuesday.) I'm not going anywhere special; in fact, I'm not even abstaining from the computer. I'll be checking e-mail and reading all the blogs I usually read. I'm simply taking a breather from generating new material for this place. However, the fact that there will be no new material here for the next four days in now way absolves you all, my Constant Readers, from the responsibility of loading this page at least once a day just to keep my hits from dropping through the floor. And yes, I watch these things like a hawk. Don't fail me again. (insert sound of Vader-breathing here)

But, if you all really need some added incentive, here are some links to some fascinating stuff from the archives, selected from roughly a year ago to the time when we left Syracuse. (Fascinating to me, anyway. At any given moment, I feel one of only two emotions toward my own writing: loving fascination, and outright horror.) There are the Notable Dispatches over in the sidebar, and for random browsing, many of the Images of the Week are still functional (i.e., not suffering from link-rot).

(It occurs to me that I should look into the archives of some of the more recent bloggers I've discovered. There tends to be a lot of good stuff, languishing on some server at Pyro or Hosting Matters or wherever, only memorialized as a list of date-ranges in someone's sidebar. So, if you find someone you like, look through their archives! And I'll do the same.)

Writing and Procrastination

It's All In The Details, part one

How I Remember 9-11-01 (Written on 9-11-02. I actually like everything I posted on that day; I chose everything for thematic effect.)

My Essential Reference Library

Syracuse: The Experiment Begins (My God, how distant that day now seems, and it's not even a year later.)

Writing: When It Sucks

Review: Alan Jay Lerner's The Street Where I Live (This book has the single greatest first sentence I have ever encountered, and that includes A Tale of Two Cities.)

It's All In The Details, part two (I should get back to doing these, especially since I'm watching a lot more movies these days.)

Where the Hell I Get My Ideas

War Thoughts from Way Back When

A Proposal for Addressing the Shortage of Military Buglers

Fantasy: the Genre of Champions

French Impressionism in Music, Reconsidered

Thoughts on The Grapes of Wrath

Russian Romantic Composers: Part One, Part Two

My Fair Lady: An Appreciation

The Kennedy Center Honors: Who's next?

Movies With Great Last Lines

Pauline Kael and the Critical Quest for "Objectivity"

Review: Spiderman

Big Chain Bookstores Kick Ass

Review: The Two Towers

Roll On, Columbia.

Post-Super Bowl Thoughts and NFL-2002 Redux

More on Columbia

Weirdest Job Interview Ever!

Events I Recall With Startling Clarity

Great Romantic Scenes from the Movies

How Dare SDB Hate Attack of the Clones, part one and part two. (BTW, I should retract my speculation about SDB's approach to fiction and movies and such. Clearly I was wrong there. But on nothing else. Harumph.)

Why Do the Bad Guys Get All the Great Lines?

Digital Distribution of Art

Theme Restaurants Kick Ass, Too

Recipe: Pastitsio (Greek Lasagna)

Listening to Music: A Lost Art

Attack of the Presidents: Part One, Part Two, Part Three. (This series of posts, about a couple of comedic aliens who thought that the fictional US Presidents they saw on Earth TV and movie broadcasts were actual heads of state on our planet, was never completed because I couldn't figure out how to incorporate President David Palmer of 24 into it correctly, and it kind of fell by the wayside.)

My Favorite Things, as of this past April.

That's probably enough for now. I'll come up with another such list next time I take a break. Aside from that, have a fine Labor Day Weekend, everyone. Drive safely, drink responsibly, and never go up against a Sicilian when Death is on the line!

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