Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I know that everyone's buying the Two Towers DVD over the last couple of days. It seems like every store within a ten-mile radius that I've seen has some kind of great deal on the thing, from rebates if you buy the movie and an eight-pack of Duracell batteries to a deal at BlockBuster where you get the movie and five free rentals to boot, which is something like a $50 value. My approach? I'm just going to wait until the movie's been out for a month or so, and then I'll just grab one of the cheap-o previewed copies when BlockBuster or one of the other local rental outlets starts ditching them. So there. (This approach only works, though, for the BIG new releases. Smaller-run items, like anime DVDs, aren't stocked in sufficient quantity at BlockBuster to show up on the "previewed" racks. C'est la vie.)

Oh, and here's what's wrong with the music industry: film music compact discs are often quite a bit more expensive than the DVDs which contain the films themselves. Ridiculous.

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