Friday, August 08, 2003

I don't do a lot of "Here's the latest cute stuff the kid did" posting, but I like to think I'm doing right: The other night, the daughter and I watched Return of the Jedi. (We had watched The Empire Strikes Back a few weeks before.) A couple of her comments:

"How come the big ship isn't finished?" (referring to the incomplete Death Star)

"Oh, he's still in metal!" (referring to the first shot of the still-frozen Han Solo)

"What happened to Yoda?" (much sadness when Yoda passes)

"There are bears in this movie!" (much happiness with the Ewoks)

"Did the bear die?" (referring to the one shot during the battle when one Ewok dies, and his friend tries to awaken him)

"Where's the part with the girl sleeping and the big bugs crawling on her blankets?" (confusing ROTJ with AOTC)

"Why did Darth Vader kill the bad guy? I thought Darth Vader was the bad guy." (hmmmm....we'll explain this later on)

"Hey, Yoda's not dead!" (referring to astral-Yoda at the end)

Doin' my duty to shape the next generation....

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