Thursday, August 21, 2003

Lately I seem to be more of a "linker" than a "writer", as far as Byzantium's Shores is concerned. Maybe it's the stunningly gorgeous summer we're finally having in Buffalo, after we got that three-week "rain every day" stretch a while ago, and maybe I really do need the hiatus that I'm scheduling for next week. It's not so much that I lack for ideas on things to drone on about; it's more a "motivation" thing to sit down and crank out more of the essay-style stuff that's the meat-and-potatoes of blogging. I actually have plenty of ideas on stuff to write about. Who knows…but substance will return here. Oh yes.

(And it's not a motivation problem as far as writing-in-general goes, because I'm motivated as hell to do my fiction stuff; I just wrote two reviews for GMR; and I have a pro bono copywriting assignment that I'm excited as hell about. It's pretty much limited to doing essays for the blog, which seems to me a big indicator that I should take a fallow period.)

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