Tuesday, August 26, 2003

It's interesting to note the way blogging - - both writing and reading - - takes shape to accommodate other bloggers' habits, and how my own habits get slightly thrown out-of-whack when a favorite of mine either goes on a hiatus (as SDB did last week) or has some shift in life-circumstance which changes their posting habits (e.g., Pandagon). Some bloggers I tend to check in the morning, either because they post late-at-night, or - - more likely - - they're Californians, and thus post some stuff after I, being an East-coaster, have retired for the evening. So it gets comforting somewhat, to get up in the morning and read SDB and Kevin Drum and TBOGG*; it's also comforting to check back a few times during the day when Pandagon or Matthew Yglesias puts up something new on their "sporadic" basis. And it throws me off if bloggers I've tended to read at certain times of the day change their routines.

What's strange in all this is that I haven't settled into any particular posting habit of my own, as far as I can see. Sometimes I'll write a day's posts the night before, using Word, and slap them up in the morning. Other times I'll just wait until mid-afternoon. Sometimes I'll do an Yglesias-type day and post several times in a day. About the only main habit I've settled into is that I usually post nothing at all on Saturdays. Generally speaking, I try to do all of my posting for the day at once, but that's not a habit so much as a preference that I don't try to hard to avoid breaking. My point in all this? Glad you asked.

I don't have one.

* Best wishes to Tbogg on the current difficulties facing his family.

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