Monday, August 18, 2003

A couple of movie links, for those inclined:

:: I've never totally warmed up to the work of the Coen Brothers (those that I've seen anyway), but here's a nice fan site for their films, which includes scripts to all of 'em. (Via I Love Everything.)

:: In the wake of Gigli, there's this MSN list of the biggest bombs of all time. I haven't seen all of these, either, but I'm mixed on the ones I have seen. Howard the Duck is one of the most unbelievable horrid things ever made, of course. I only saw Hudson Hawk once, and I'm pretty sure I was at least partially buzzed on beer at the time, but we found it kind of fun and goofy. I've never seen Cleopatra, but its score -- by Alex North -- is a film-music masterpiece that received a glorious restoration a few years ago on the Varese Sarabande label. I have to admit that I did enjoy The Postman when I rented it, although it's chock-full of moments in which Kevin Costner wallows in self-indulgence. (I also seem to recall reading somewhere that the film made back its money in international release, but I'm not sure about that.) And Cutthroat Island really didn't deserve its total critical drubbing -- it's a serviceable pirate flick that suffered from a lack of charisma in its leads. It probably bombed because pirate movies just weren't on anybody's radar back in 1996 or whenever it came out.

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