Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback column returned last week, and this week he's got his AFC Preview up. I don't know...I lost quite a bit of respect for Easterbrook back when he wrote his ludicrous attack on Senator Hillary Clinton, and well, I just don't find as much fun in reading him since then. He seems to be shifting into a mode of "Look how smart I am", which is weird considering how many details he gets, well, wrong.

Just focusing on his notes about the Buffalo Bills in today's column (you have to scroll a bit), he makes an unbelievably dumb statement that makes me wonder if he's watching football games on a black-and-white TV set from the 1950s or something:

"Not only did Buffalo toss out a good-looking uniform and bring in an ugly one, the Bills abandoned the colors of the American flag - not to put too fine a point on it, the single most successful color scheme in world history - for a look based on a color that appears to be Nineteenth Century Rusting Russian Dreadnaught Aft Bulkhead Cyanic."

Now, reading this, one gets the impression that the Bills went from using red, white, and blue to something like, oh, orange and teal. I grant that the Bills' new uniforms aren't nearly as spiffy as the ones that saw them go to four consecutive Super Bowls, but geez, look at this pic of their new road uniform, and you can see other shots of the home uniforms here.

This is what Easterbrook considers "abandoning the colors of the American flag"? As TMQ might say, "Ye Gods...."

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