Monday, August 29, 2011

Sentential Links #258


:: Strangely, despite the potential for lowered self-esteem, rude customers, and insane managers, I take pleasure in the job. I like eating delicious food and I enjoy assisting other people in this pursuit. Unlike offices, which force me to sit down and keep to myself, service is an ongoing chapter from Harriet the Spy. I have season tickets to first dates, breakups, and wedding engagements and I have become great friends with TV writers, professional body builders, and heirs to steakhouse fortunes.

:: If the New Braunfels city council is meeting, rest assured they're going to pass some damn fool stupid ordinance regarding the Comal River in the face of massive popular opposition. It'd be funny if it weren't so predictable. (I don't live anywhere near New Braunfels -- or even Texas, come to that -- but this is a model post for those blogging about local policy issues wherever they might be. This is how it's done, folks. If a post is so clear that I can understand the issues despite never having set foot in the town in question, then it's going to be clear-as-the-clearest-crystal to those actually affected by those issues.)

:: I held my breath. We all just kept gasping and clutching each other. We sat on the sea wall and watched. I swear to God – that ocean was alive. And it was the most beautiful thing in nature I have ever witnessed.

:: Anybody can pull off a sexy witch or pirate maid, but it takes real panache to make a convincing Princess Leia.

:: OBVIOUSLY there’s no child’s suffering that delights me so much as a Keane Kid’s suffering, and so I’m overjoyed to see Billy’s comically overwrought expression of crushing despair as his mother drapes that suit jacket over his shoulders. It’s as if he’s won the Masters, only instead of a green jacket he’s getting a blue jacket, and instead of winning the Masters he’s going to be executed wearing a blue jacket.

:: I’m pretty sure it’s not a good sign when your team’s best player is your punter. (Heh. Reminds me of a time in college when my roommate, a Vikings fan, had to be away on Sunday on some function, so I taped a godawful game for him. When he got home to watch the tape, I told him, "Well, one of the Vikes' players had a career day. Bad news is, it was the punter.")

All for this week. More next week!

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Roger Owen Green said...

That said, Ray Guy was a GREAT punter for the Oakland Raiders and deserves to be in the Football Hall of Fame.