Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

So, how hot is it where you are? And how do you cope? Are you a fan of heat, or is heat something you endure because you like most other aspects of where you live?


Glenn Whidden said...

It is 70 degrees of Fahrenheit where I am right now. It has been much hotter lately. I cope by utilizing that miracle of modern science, the air conditioner. I hate heat. If I could find a civilized place that did not suffer the scourge of heat I would go there. I've had my fan on since I woke. While I no longer favor the destruction of the sun, I would support a program to utterly blot it out.

Lynn said...

As you might already know because I've been posting it everywhere, it was 115 degrees yesterday afternoon. Right now it's 113. I have the luxury of being able to choose to stay indoors so that's mostly what I do.

I do still walk to my mailbox every day, which is over 600 feet from my house and I go on that long hot walk during the hottest part of the day because I just can't wait to see what junk mail I got. It's a little bit horrible but also interesting. Now for the first time in my life I know what 115 degrees feels like.

I'm not hating life, not even hating summer, but I am looking forward to having 95 degree highs again. Hopefully that will be sometime before November.