Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

This will be of limited interest to non-sports fans, but the question was asked yesterday on WGR and I thought it an interesting one, so: If you're a football player, would you rather be on a Super Bowl winning team or make the Hall of Fame?


Kal said...

I would think that winning a Super Bowl would be my quickest way to the Hall of Fame. I would just do my best and let the numbers takes care of themselves and the Hall of Fame is a numbers game for a guy like me who would play Center like I did in high school. Helping open holes for running backs would have a lot to do with my team actually getting to the Super Bowl.

Lynn said...

Superbowl. Not sure why, just something about the excitement of the Superbowl.

Roger Owen Green said...

Hall of Fame. Lots of players have never gotten to the Super Bowl (or World Series, or Stanley Cup, et al), and if one has such a great career that one gets to the HoF even without a championship ring, that'd be sweet.