Monday, September 13, 2010

Sentential Links #220


:: The girls had no idea that across the country and around the world, Christians and Muslims are struggling so mightily. They made domino chains, played American Girl Dolls and schemed to attack the neighbor boys with water balloons.

:: I had had a long day that started on the back of a horse, rounded out with a five-mile run, and ended with a bowl of pasta. I love hooves, heart rates, and carbs.

:: Smoking bans and smoking sections in some buildings are reasonable. Smoking bans in bars are not. (As much as I love Lynn, I couldn't possibly disagree more. What is so sacrosanct about smoke in bars? What is it about bars that makes them completely different from every other business in the country? Near as I can tell, there's nothing at all that makes bars different, other than the historical stereotype we all have of the smoke-filled saloon. Well, here in New York, we've had smoke-less bars for years now...and the bars are still there, selling drinks and doing just fine.)

:: Okay, pop culture, I get it. You have finally beaten me. Your insatiable entertainment juggernaut held me in its warm embrace for a brief, glorious moment of my youth, but then predictably, inevitably, churned onward toward newer and flashier things, leaving me stranded on the side of a one-way road that's rapidly diminishing into the rear-view. So I guess it's time for me to surrender to the obvious and admit that my day is past, my sensibilities are out of touch, and I am no longer even remotely cool. (Au contraire! I'll say this until the day I die: Cool is a state of mind.)

:: An animal of one species plus one of another species usually results in two animals wondering why they were confined to the same enclosed area. Or, you know, lunch. But as our friend the zedonk has taught us, some species can interbreed, creating hybrid offspring that are often tragically infertile but always adorably named.

:: You may have chosen stay-at-home-parenthood, but you must now choose to parent your offspring. Yes, we could explore the whole "I need time for me" angle of today's adventure, but it's been done. To death. You will find time for you in the interstices that family life offers. Rise earlier. Turn off the television. Step away from the computer. Put down the phone. Ah, the elusive me-time freed from its shackles.

:: I was so excited I changed into clean overalls before they arrived, and never realized the strap was twisted. Oh, for pete’s sake. (Oops! New blog to me, and a fellow overalls lover. Huzzah!)

All for this week. Tune in next week for more!

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Call me Paul said...

Most people seem to forget - or plain just don't get - that smoking bans in businesses are not about protecting the customers, but the employees.