Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Blogistan's new member

I'm Into Grace is a brand-new blog (one day old, only one post) by a woman I know from college. I got to know her fairly well back then by virtue of often sitting beside each other in band and orchestra -- our seating arrangements often put the Principal Trumpet (that was me) next to the Principal French Horn (that was her). She was bright, energetic, and a really good horn player. I assume she's still two of those things -- no idea about her horn playing. I hope she's kept up on that better than I have the trumpet playing!

Anyway, she is now a Lutheran pastor in Minnesota. (Garrison Keillor's jokes aside, it turns out that there really are Lutherans in Minnesota!) Her faith will apparently be a major theme of her blog. New blogs are always awesome, especially when they're by old friends!

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