Monday, September 20, 2010

Rails to Trails

As much as I love living in the Buffalo Southtowns, one thing I've always missed about this particular part of our region is the general lack of bike paths. Most of the best bike paths in the Buffalo region are north or east of the city -- the paths along the river, Ellicott Creek, and in other points therein, mostly. Down here, there really aren't any good bike paths. (Not to say that there's no good biking down here; it's just not of the "path" variety.)

Well, via Brian Castner of, I've learned that there's an effort underway to transform the very abandoned railroad I blogged about last winter into a bike path. This would be a wonderful development. That railway runs through some of this region's most beautiful country. I hope this happens more than I hoped for Bass Pro. (Well, that's probably setting the bar pretty low, but...yeah, I want the trail!)

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