Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Pats, same as the Old Pats

Well, that was pretty much a predictable result for the Bills venturing onto the field against a team they've beaten once in the last twenty times (or something like that...I'm not digging too far into the history here). In fact, that's pretty much the way it's gone for the Bills each year versus New England: they play them fairly tough the first time they see them, and then get steamrolled the second time. Luckily, the Bills don't see the Pats again until very late in the year. Second to last game, if I recall correctly.

But on a "big picture" kind of note, this was the kind of game I was hoping to see more of from the Bills this year. I figured they'd lose. A lot. Because they're lacking in talent in a lot of areas. So I was hoping to at least see some impressive losses, losses in which we see flashes of good play from youngsters on the team; I wanted to see some hint that the team at least has some potential play-making talent to serve as the basis for a real rebuilding project, as opposed to the perennial "We think we can win with the guys we got" thinking that's dominated the organization for most of this decade. And today, we saw a bit of that. Really good play from the secondary. Some real explosiveness from CJ Spiller. Blocking from the young offensive line (well, Cornell Green excepted, who is old and crappy) that wasn't cover-your-eyes awful. Plays from young receivers. And, in general, a sense from the team that no matter what happens, they're not going to just roll over and play dead. That's exactly what they showed today, so even though they lost, I can't be too upset about it. If the majority of their losses this year look like today's, then I'll go into the offseason thinking, maybe, they've finally got something of a foundation to work with.

But yes, it's still a loss, so chalk up another pie in the face for Bills fans!

What it feels like to be a Bills fan these days

But on the bright side, at least this one was like getting hit with your favorite kind of pie. At least the flavor of the Bills' latest splat upon the football field isn't objectionable. (The first two games? Those were pies made of shaving cream. Ugh!)

A couple of random notes:

:: For all their losing to the Pats, the Bills have sacked Tom Brady more than any other team. That's probably because now-retired Aaron Schobel sacked Brady more times than anybody else.

:: Steve Johnson seems to have taken his demotion from #2 receiver to #3 receiver pretty well, because he actually made some plays today.

:: Ryan Fitzpatrick's first interception was awful, but on the second, it looked like the intended receiver (can't remember who, will have to watch a highlight) wasn't watching for the ball. If he had been, he could have made a play on it, or at least broken up the pick. It looked like the pick happened before the receiver even realized the ball was on its way.

:: Gilette Stadium really looks like a great place to watch a football game, doesn't it? Even setting aside the enormous phallic symbol that stands just beyond one the open end zone. What's that supposed to be, anyway?

:: For all the tongue-bathing the announcers gave Tom Brady, the Pats don't look especially impressive to me, particularly on defense. They could have some headaches in store for them down the road.

:: Great moments in sportscasting: When Danny Woodhead scored a rushing TD, the color guy said, "Danny Woodhead -- there's a name you don't hear about scoring much for the Patriots!" That's because until a week ago, Danny Woodhead wasn't even on the Patriots. This is like saying "Wow, Troy Aikman hasn't thrown a touchdown for the NY Giants in forever!" Better announcers, please.

:: Great Scott, the Bills are bad at linebacker. What a train wreck they are at that position. I almost think that's the most important thing they need to address next offseason (after drafting a quarterback, that is).

Next week, the Bills come home to host the Jets, another team they always seem to play tough and tight, no matter which team is supposed to be good and which is supposed to stink. Game on!

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Glenn Whidden said...

That phallic item is a lighthouse (it lights up for night games). We have rather a lot of them off the coast so lighthouses are often used as symbols of our region. The footbridge at the base of the lighthouse is a miniature recreation of Boston's famous Longfellow Bridge. Mr. Kraft wanted his place to look modern while showing its New England roots. It's a damn sight better than the old dump.