Thursday, September 30, 2010

Billy Dee in Three Dee!

I'm not terribly interested, one way or the other, in George Lucas's plans to do a 3D conversion of the Star Wars movies. I dunno, just color me apathetic about the whole thing. Generally I'm not that interested in 3D to begin with, so this strikes me as more of a "novelty" project than anything else. I am amused by the upwelling of the same old chorus that pipes up every time George Lucas does anything at all that is Star Wars-related these days, the "Doesn't he have enough of my money!" wailing from people who, if they had a wildly successful franchise of their own that made more money every time they did something with it, would do the exact same thing. I just simply plan to not give Lucas my money this time around, and not because I'm mad at him, but because I'm simply not interested in Star Wars in 3D.

(Now, if there are concurrent 2D re-releases of the films in theaters, then, Uncle George will probably get some more of my money! I'd love to see the films on the silver screen again.)

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Jason said...

Total agreement here... I think George is simply interested in playing with the latest techno gimmick, and possibly hoping that the addition of 3D will pull a few more recalcitrant fanboys into accepting the prequels.

I'll probably go see them, but not because of any real interest in the 3D. It'll just be a case of, "Hey, Star Wars is on the big screen again!" I certainly won't be buying the inevitable BluRay release, not unless George finally comes off his high horse and offers decent restorations of the unrevised original trilogy.