Thursday, October 15, 2009

Something for Thursday

Something offbeat, but which I kind of like, since the movie is a recent favorite of mine. Here's a medley of numbers from Saturday Night Fever.

This video contains one of my favorite tiny moments from the movie, a "blink and you miss it" bit of characterization. Tony is strutting down the sidewalk, in one of the film's iconic moments, looking confident and masculine -- you can tell by the way he uses his walk that he's a lady's man. But then he stops at his local pizza place, and he shows some actual vulnerability in whether to have two slices or not. In the split second interaction with the crusty lady who runs the pizza joint, all of his masculine confidence goes out the window and he's the insecure kid.


wordnerd (Rebecca Carey Rohan) said...

That was especially fun to watch, since I just saw Hairspray the other night -- extra-fun to see John Travolta when he was skinny and could dance!

Roger Owen Green said...

SNF was an underrated movie, tho the late Gene Siskel always championed it, even buying the white suit.