Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

Now, there are several teams in the conversation as to which is the worst team in the NFL -- the Bills, Browns, Bucs, Rams, Raiders, Chiefs, and possibly the Titans all seem to be in the mix -- but as far as who the worst organization is in the NFL, I think that one boils down to two of the above. Everybody else is at least admitting that they are in rebuilding/youth movement mode and is acting accordingly, but it seems to me that two of these franchises are mismanaged in a terribly delusional way.

So, who's the worst organization in the NFL: the Bills or the Raiders?


Anonymous said...

You've forgotten the Greater Potomac River Watershed Persons of Color. The Redskins have been through 6 head coaches in 10 years (the Dan Snyder ownership era)with only 2 play-off appearances. Snyder's insistence on being his own GM is generally accepted as the root cause of this futility.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

Oh, I think the Browns are in the running for this award Sire. This is an organization that left the city and moved to Baltimore despite a storied franchise and enormous fan support. They only returned after a campaign by fans that has yet to recreated anywhere else. Despite this support they continue to hire coaches and sign free agents and draft college players in a manner that would shame a 12 year old rotisserie participant.

Roger Owen Green said...

But the Raiders seem to have just quit, starting with their QB. I'd consider the Browns and Chiefs as well.