Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This tastes like feet!

I'm sure that prison food probably ranks below high school food in quality. I don't remember ever finding any maggots in my high school meals; but then, even if I had, there was no James Whitmore sitting nearby waiting to take my maggot and feed it to the bird he was nursing back to health. But I obviously have no real basis on which to make this judgment, except for the existence of an item called "Nutriloaf" (or "Nutraloaf").

Nutraloaf is a special prison food, intended for inmates who have apparently demonstrated behavioral issues. I suppose Nutraloaf is what they feed to the guys who are spending "a month in the hole". And apparently it is disgusting -- so disgusting, in fact, that there have been lawsuits over the serving of Nutraloaf on the basis that it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

Well, some fine soul out there actually decided to do a Nutraloaf taste test, making it according to a recipe cited in one of those court cases and then giving it a whirl. My favorite comment was this one: "Even though it doesn't have a taste, it feels like something is lingering in my mouth. It's like a Nutri-ghost."

It certainly can't be worse than Rachel Greene's "English trifle", though:

Note to self: stay out of prison.


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Don't forget Pinky.