Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

Oddities abound!

:: Like Kerry, from whom the link herein comes to my attention, I don't do Twitter because I just don't get the point. (Likewise, I hate the way some folks marry their Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that I'm reading their Twits on FB, which often literally amounts to reading half of a conversation, but that's a topic for another day.) But this Twit-stream (honestly, I have no idea what you call it) is hilarious. A 29-year-old guy lives with his crotchety, foul-mouthed, and apparently highly verbally creative 73-year-old father. Probably NSFW, and it'll offend anyone who dislikes coarse language, but I loved it. (Luckily, there's an RSS feed so I can read this Twit-stream on Google Reader, which means that I still don't have to set up a Twit-stream of my own. Huzzah!)

:: Via Neatorama, I see 15 strange "Breast Cancer Awareness" products. The pink cement mixer is...amazing.

:: This last is utterly astonishing; I couldn't believe it when I saw it. It's a very short home movie, made in 1941, of a German couple leaving home for their wedding. What's notable is the brief shot of a young girl smiling happily as she leans out the upstairs window of the building to watch the happy couple depart. That young girl is Anne Frank. Seriously.

That is simply amazing.

More next week.


Lynn said...

I didn't get Twitter either when I first signed up. I think it's one of those things you have to experience to get and the only way you can do that is to sign up and give it a try. I first signed up because of one blogger who abandoned his blog for Twitter. Turns out he doesn't "tweet" all that much either but I sometimes get into brief conversations with a couple of other bloggers and I also follow a few celebrities. I was happy to discover that Nathan Fillion seems like a pretty nice guy. I also find out about some things first on Twitter. For example I found out the date of the season premiere of Mythbusters before they started advertising it on the Discovery Channel and also got some hints about what is going to be on a few of the new shows. So, yeah, it's fun and even useful sometimes. I'm still resisting Facebook though.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

I found it interesting that Levar Burton follows the grumpy old man and even calls him a "national treasure". I wonder if he will introduce him to the kids on an episode of Reading Rainbow.

Oh and when are you going to turn the comments back on for your school-girl-naive, limp-wristed, pinko political commentary?

Roger Owen Green said...

Pretty clear that Anne Frank, had she lived, would have been one cool adult.