Monday, October 05, 2009

Sentential Links #186


:: Not to get all Bob Somerby on y’all, but I believe that the impeachment of Clinton—and the Village reaction to it—was the signature political/media event of my lifetime. The discussion surrounding the Polanski case reminds me of a weird photo negative of it—Clinton had to be impeached for a consensual relationship with an adult, Polanski should be pay no price for raping a thirteen year-old.

:: For every brutal, lawless and amoral act, there is a defense of it to be found on the Washington Post Op-Ed page.

:: Comparing Obama to Hitler betrays a willful and shameless ignorance of history and massive leap into a retarded Godwinism. This is, regrettably, par for the course for eliminationists who are buying into the hysterics of the right wing media, or otherwise speak Becklish. (And Alan's interlocutor over there defends himself: "I didn't compare Obama to Hitler, I just pointed out that they have some similar characteristics." That's Libertarian reasoning there, for you.)

:: Yes, Virginia, Glenn Beck lies.

Like a rug.

:: As a teenager I was offered a job writing for LAUGH-IN. I declined in order to go to college. So I missed my chance to write comedy for Richard Nixon.

:: Yeah, that's Wonder Woman. As a pirate captain. Of an all-female pirate crew: (Oh, wow....)

:: If you've been paying attention over the past couple of years, you may have noticed that the word "vagina" has made its way into more-or-less everyday usage, assuming much of the role that used to be exclusively occupied by euphemisms that were, shall we say, less medical-sounding.

:: Walt Disney Pictures put David Mamet’s Anne Frank project into turnaround because they said his screenplay was “too dark.” Does any Hollywood studio actually look at a director’s work before they hire one? That’s like telling Werner Herzog his movies are “too German.” (I'm somewhat taken aback by the notion that an Anne Frank movie could be too dark. What is Disney planning to do to lighten the mood?)

All for now. More next week.