Monday, October 19, 2009

Passing the milemarkers

At some point yesterday, this blog received its 500,000th hit, at least as far as SiteMeter is concerned. Thanks to the regular readers, the sporadic readers, the readers who were regulars until I offended them, and the people searching for pictures of Sophie Marceau. (For some reason she gets the most hits.) Since the heyday of blogging seems to be over, I don't expect this blog's traffic to ever grow much beyond what it is right now, for the remaining duration of this blog's existence, however long that ends up being. But it's still fun.

Onward and upward!


Thee Earl of Obvious said...

Congratulations to his majesty and 3 cheers for the kingdom! I think this is a great blog even though you don't incorporate any of my ideas.

Speaking of which, how about a new weekly feature? I would call it Free culture.

My nomination is the a chamber music society that plays for free in the Cleveland area.

I for one would probably not have even found such venues had it not been for the education found here.

Keep up the good work sire!

Roger Owen Green said...

Of course, a good 50,000 of those hits were from me...

Mark--> said...

Congratulations on a great milestone! Here's to the next 500,000.

Unknown said...

I've been away from Byzantium for a while, but joyfully logged back in today. Still enjoying reading what you have to say!