Thursday, October 08, 2009

Something for Thursday

Going all "Showtunes" for a moment, this is one of my favorite of all Lerner-and-Loewe songs. It's from Brigadoon, and it comes toward the end, as our hero, the American hunter Tommy, realizes his dilemma: he is in love with Fiona, and that night is falling. (This last is important because the town of Brigadoon vanishes each night for a hundred years, so Tommy can only be with Fiona if he gives up his entire world to do so.) He's on the verge of staying, and he sings this song to Fiona. Here's "There But For You Go I".

The song is not heard in the film version of the show, due to time constraints, along with several other songs including two that were omitted not just for time purposes but for their risque lyrics.

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