Sunday, October 18, 2009


I have some lazy linkage to dispense with:

:: John Cole's day is off to a pretty bad start:

Woke up, accidentally put ground red pepper in my coffee instead of cinnamon, did not notice until I took a swig. Tunch ate so much he threw up what can only be described as a cat food cud on the futon. Went to the kitchen to get a damp rag to clean it up, came back and it was gone and Lily was smacking her lips, and then the toilet overflowed.

Yeah, that's all some pretty good signage that one's proper place that day should be solidly beneath the blankets.

:: Sure, everybody was linking this a few weeks ago, but some folks may have missed it, so here it is: ever wonder how bats drink? Well, wonder no more, in some of the most stunning nature photography I've ever seen.

:: I suppose I'm fortunate that when I was in high school, I tended to make sure that the people who signed my yearbook were people with whom I got along. Not that I was afraid of this kind of thing, but you never know....

:: Thanks to whoever linked this: Insanewiches, insane sandwich fun!

:: I also saw this all over the place, but it's a fun timewaster: The Eyeballing Game.

Enjoy. Or not.

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