Monday, October 26, 2009

Punt, pass, uh...what's the other thing?

A few random football notes:

:: Wow, the Saints are apparently now officially awesome. They were behind 24-3 at one point in the second quarter, pulled to being down 34-24 as they headed to the fourth -- and then they blew out the Dolphins, scoring 22 points to win 46-34.

:: The quarterbacks in that game, Drew Brees and Chad Henne, were a combined 40 of 74 for 509 yards, 1 touchdown, and 5 interceptions. I'll bet that was a fun game to watch.

:: Speaking of watching stuff, I finally reached my annual frustration point with the Buffalo Bills two weeks ago and decided to stop watching them and watch movies instead. So The Daughter and I spent the time we'd have otherwise had the Bills game on watching the first two Spiderman movies. So of course the Bills are 2-0 in those games.

:: Bills QB Trent Edwards, who showed promise his first two years but has regressed horribly this year, was out yesterday with a concussion. So, in the wake of the victory, I'm already seeing calls for his backup, Ryan Fitzpatrick, to be the new starter, especially after two wins. Fitzpatrick's numbers? 11 of 22 for 123 yards and one touchdown. Color me unexcited. The Bills' revolving door at quarterback the last nine years has seen a slew of guys come through who put up numbers like that. (Drew Bledsoe excepted; he actually put up some numbers in his brief time here.)

:: I still love the Spiderman movies, despite their maddening habit of killing off the villains each time out (with one exception) so they can never appear again (in the comics, you never know when Spidey's gonna have to face Doc Ock again), the complete bungling of the Gwen Stacy character (if she's not gonna be Peter Parker's first love and if she's not gonna die, she just shouldn't be there at all), and the less-than-enthralling music by Danny Elfman and Christopher Young.

:: I still think that the Vikings are unlikely to get anything other than a playoff berth out of Brett Favre's presence. The schedule has been completely in their favor the first six games: they've been home for each of their three games against good teams, and their first three road games were each against one of the worst teams in the NFL.

:: I know that pass rushers take a while to develop, yada yada yada, but really, color me unimpressed with Bills first-round pick Aaron Maybin. It seems to me that a defensive player taken 11th overall in the entire draft should, after seven games, have more than four tackles. And we're not even talking about his lack of any sacks, even though he was billed as a top pass-rushing prospect.

:: What's wrong with Peyton Manning? His yardage was down considerably in Sunday's game against the Rams, as he failed to break 300 yards for the first time this year. Sure, his numbers (23 of 34, 235 yards, 3 TDs, O INTs) may look good in the afterglow of a 42-6 win, but they may have an issue there.

:: That last was facetious.

That's all. Next week, the Bills host Houston. I'll be watching Spiderman 3.


Lynn said...

I'm afraid to start liking the Saints again. I might jinx something.

Anonymous said...

I'm predicting 10-6 for the Vikes. The main difference is that they could be dangerous in the playoffs, unlike last year.