Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

Everybody always asks about what book, or what movie, or what music, or what food, or what [insert item here] you'd take with you to a desert island. But nobody ever asks about the island! So, two islands:

Island A is a large island with good vegetation, varied topography, a sheltered cave, and a lagoon or two filled with fish. It is, however, very far away from the nearest shipping or air routes, so rescue is less likely.

Island B is a small island, not bare but not rich with vegetation either (maybe a copse or two of trees with smaller plants around), little natural shelter, and deep surrounding waters that don't yield as much fish. Long-term survival will be a significant struggle, but the island is close to shipping and air routes.

Which island do you want to get stranded on?


Roger Owen Green said...

Island A for sure. A bird (or fish) in the hand.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

Let's see if I choose Island A I would be isolated from the world but could learn self sufficiency and thus survive but would go mad unless I could learn how to master inner peace. If I choose Island B I would be sacrificing my near and even possibly long term health and even my life for the more likely possibility that I would once again have not only human contact but once again be connected to the outside stimulation that this society provides.

So could fathom achieving inner peace? My arrogance assures me I could and thus I am inclined to say island A. In all likelihood though I won't and must entertain this possibility along with the possibility that I won't be rescued from Island B, even though that scenario violates my somewhat skewed sense of importance and ego.

To me then the real choice is do you want to starve to death or go mad from loneliness?

I will take a shot at inner peace. Seems a more noble cause to die for

Mark--> said...

Island A. I trust my ability to fend for myself a lot more than I trust the world to find me.

Kerry said...

Which island is the "The Blue Lagoon"/"Greatest American Hero" guy on?

Because I'd prefer the other island.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

"Which island is the "The Blue Lagoon"/"Greatest American Hero" guy on?

Because I'd prefer the other island."

Ohh. So you want to be on my island then, do you? Hmmm

Well Ok but I should warn you we ain't got no dermatologists or cat therapists or white jacketed eye candy and I have not seen Michael Stipe sipping cappuccino either.

Lynn said...

That's a tough one but I think I'd rather bet on the possibility of being rescued.

On the other hand, if you could guarantee me unlimited high speed Internet access on Island A I would seriously consider picking that one.

teflonjedi said...

Island A, definitely. I could finally get some peace and quiet.