Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fly it.

Surely if the Supreme Court has affirmed the right to burn the flag -- and rightly so, in my view -- than one also has a right to fly the flag. When I first heard about this, I figured it was one of those hyper-anal Home Owner Assocations or whatever they're called, the ones who get angry with you if you have a pink flamingo in your yard or if your grass is one half-inch too long or something. But no, this was an apartment manager specifically telling residents that they could not fly the American flag -- in any form. Including car decals and the like.

I'm also unsurprised that the management person who made that decision wouldn't speak to the press. Own your decisions, people.



Thee Earl of Obvious said...

I doubt very much one can attest they have a "right" to fly the flag. After all some may construe this as a symbol of repression much like the confederate flag. Litigation bent on political correctness may contend that our "actions" around the world warrant such sentiment.

If you can't see the correlation with what is happening in this apartment complex and political correctness run riot then you are not paying attention.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

I see a story. The beta male who rarely stands up for himself finally decides to put his foot down here, and damnit, his flag will fly. Let them evict me for flying the flag he says with a snort.

Oh he gets threatened with eviction but not for flying the flag but rather for inciting a riot. He is evicted and his protests warrant an arrest. The connected landlord wants the trouble maker out. Apathetic law enforcement and courts don't bother with the details they just throw him in the tar pit of bureaucracy that is the system.

He loses his job and his belongings are strewn about the curb. His alpha girl friend is not at all impressed with his rabble rousing. His brief incarceration is an embarrassment to her at the firm and she dumps him. His professional license is suspended once his humiliating arrest picture is published (seems he was arrested in his bathrobe) Now homeless he wonders about his patriotic stand....

It needs some work but I think the basis is there.

Becky said...

Then he allows to himself that it wasn't so much a patriotic stand as it was a "because you said I couldn't" stand.

Roger Owen Green said...

Earl -doth have some imagination.

Kerry said...

Yay, Oregon! Way to make national news, again. If not for our gay mayor seducing his underage protege or families of tourists getting lost on our unmaintained winter roads or Al-Quaeda terrorists setting up training camps just outside Portland, no one would even know we existed!

An update on the flag story -- due to all the negative press, the apartment owner has decided to allow fly-fliers to fly once again.

Lynn said...

I used to find The Earl amusing but lately I've been skipping over his posts. If he had a blog of his own I might read it, and perhaps even comment, just to encourage his efforts.

About the flag... We love our flag but never so well as when it is threatened. Whatever the reason for the ban they should have known better.

Lynn said...

should have said "skipping over his comments"

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

Thanks Lynn. How about if I call my blog "pander bear"? Maybe then I recruit a whole bunch of people to read.

To wit:

"We love our flag but never so well as when it is threatened"

Uh, yeah

We used to love freedom of speech too but now, not so much.

Lynn said...

And yet here we are, "speaking" (so to speak) as we please.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

and right under your post is the "comment policy". You are too much.

Lynn said...

Freedom of speech has never meant, and should not mean, that one can say all things in all places.

Failure of people to behave responsibly inevitably leads to curtailment of freedom.

The Earl of Obvious said...

I am learning to speak Hungarian. In so doing I have noticed something interesting about English, namely the amount of words that have more than one meaning.

Lets take the word "responsible" as an example.

A rap recording artist can say all kinds of things that will earn him praise and perhaps even a Grammy.

Don Imus says the same thing and his lambasted as being irresponsible and a bigot.

Now do you suppose "responsible" has a double meaning or do you think a double standard has compromised the meaning of freedom?