Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sweet, sweet maple

We missed Maple Weekend by one week here at Casa Jaquandor, but fear not: yesterday morning we got up early and departed for the hills south of Arcade, NY, where on one hilltop the intrepid will find Moore's Maple Shack. After stuffing ourselves with pancakes (three times we took advantage of the "All You Can Eat" policy") drenched with pure maple syrup, two sausage patties each, and more coffee than I usually consume on any day of the week, we purchased a large bottle of syrup to bring home, along with a jar of maple cream (itself a wondrous substance) and a package of maple sugar candies.

About ten hours later we were finally hungry for dinner.

Pure maple syrup is obviously expensive, but ever since we made the switch, I cannot go back to Log Cabin or Mrs. Butterworth's or any other imitation maple-flavored syrup. The only way I eat anything of that nature on my pancakes, waffles, or French toast is if I'm in a restaurant where the genuine article is not an option.

For any WNY-based readers who may still want a morning of maple-soaked pancakey gluttonous goodness, Moore's Maple Shack will still be open for business for a few more weeks. But get there early: we got there in time to get the last open table, and from that moment on, there was a line out the door. And don't wear nice shoes, as the place is very rustic and thus has a quite muddy parking lot.

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