Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A bit o' geek stuff

A few links of geek and pop culture import, starting with some items that caught my eye at AICN:

:: A movie version of Philip Reeve's novel Larklight is in the works. Hopefully this project goes well, because the book is one of the most entertaining reads I've had in recent memory. I just hope they don't get Hans Zimmer to write the music. Nothing against Zimmer, but this will really need a pompous, Elgarian sound.

:: Looking at NBC's announced schedule for next season, I see that ER's next season will be its last. Longtime readers will know that I think this should have happened four or five years ago, when the show wasn't a complete shell of its former self. The show started losing me with the awful killing of Dr. Romano, and then it came close to permanently losing me with the even more awful resolution of the Reece Benton custody battle, and then it finally lost me for good when it had its own Moldavian Wedding Massacre (see this post of mine for the reference there) and had a bunch of criminals shoot up the ER. Back in the day, though, wow, was that show good.

:: The film version of The Hobbit officially has a composer: Howard Shore, who is the only choice, really. The idea of a Middle Earth film without music by Shore is just plain wrong.

And to think, I thought for a fleeting moment back in 2005 that, with the conclusion of the Star Wars saga, geek culture would enter a Dark Age....

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