Sunday, April 20, 2008

OMG! I get to correct Ken Jennings!!!

Apparently, Ken Jennings is in Seattle, where it's snowing a lot. Not to leave his commentary at that, however, Ken goes on to make a pretty obscure pop cultural reference:

Maybe we’re victims of that crazy weather machine that Elizabeth Taylor was using to freeze Port Charles back on General Hospital in the early ’80s. Yeah, there’s a reference that exactly nobody will get.

Au contraire, Ken! Not only do I get the reference, but I get to point out your error: it wasn't Liz Taylor's character (yes, she was on GH), Helena Cassadine, who was tormenting Port Charles with the weather machine, but rather her husband Mikkos, who was played by John Colicos. Helena Cassadine didn't come along until Luke and Laura's wedding, which was well after Luke's thwarting of Mikkos's plot.

Colicos is an actor well-known to geekdom of that period, having played Commander Kor, one of the more memorable Klingons on Star Trek (TOS) and then reprised the role on a couple of episodes of Deep Space Nine (by which time Kor had gone from looking like a TOS Klingon to looking like a regular old ridged-forehead Klingon), and the villainous Baltar on the original incarnation of Battlestar Galactica.

But anyway, Ken's got the right nefarious plot to destroy Port Charles, but the wrong villain. Good thing that was never the "Final Jeopardy!" answer while he was on the show!

(And here's a trivia question: when Luke Spencer was trying to access the control panel that would deactivate the weather machine, he had to type in the password that Mikkos Cassadine had chosen. What was that password?)

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