Monday, April 28, 2008

Sentential Links #138

Here we go:

:: My point is just that when you're sitting in your room next to the fireplace with no one but a ball of wax to talk to, being a rationalist is way easier. (New blog to me. Can't remember how I found it, though.)

:: I hung up feeling cheated and disillusioned. (Don't recall how I ended up bookmarking this one, either.)

:: Lego Wesley never cries when he drinks.

Lego Wesley is hardcore like that.

:: "I didn't know this was a clown bar, man. That gives me the creeps."

:: Let’s face it, despite our brains being larger than that of the general populace, even Sci-fi fans are drawn to internet lists like Mynocks to Kessel running smuggler ships.

:: For Writers Assistant positions you must be very proficient in computers, can type like the wind, and can hold your tongue when you hear morons less talented than you pitch jokes that people on laughing gas wouldn’t chuckle at. For a Production Assistant -- have a car. (Can I do this stuff from Buffalo?)

:: Today's resolution is, "Sit facing the piano." (Of course, think of the novelty act she'd have if she did it the other way....)

:: Press button on the back for Ejector Head Action! (Guffaw!)

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Joe said...

Thanks for the link! I'm always fascinated to see how people connect over the interwebs. How'd you find the compound if I may ask?