Thursday, April 10, 2008

Six Things!!!

A short while back, Will Duquette tagged me with the "Six Things" meme thing, which is just like the venerable "Seven Things" meme thing, except that this time it's "Six Things". So I'm supposed to come up with six things about me. This gets harder each time it comes around; six years of bloggorhea will do that to you. I'm more and more hard-pressed to discuss stuff that I don't discuss here, and that would be too horrifying for words. So here are six things about me, and if I repeat anything from a former iteration of this particular meme-thing, well, you might want to consider finding another blog to memorize!

:: It scares me that I'm well-versed enough on the show Saved By the Bell to say with some conviction that I think Tori was cuter than Kelly Kapowski.

(BTW, according to IMDb's SBtB page, Lisa Turtle actually appeared in six more episodes than Zack Morris! How did that happen?!)

(Also BTW, Mark-Paul Gosselar was really quite effective in his role on NYPD Blue. I never once looked at him on that show and thought about Zack Morris.)

:: The closest I ever came to pulling an all-nighter in college was staying up until 6:00 am. This was not to finish a project, a paper, or study for a test. It was a Friday night and we were drinking beer and watching movies until 4:00, when one of us (I don't remember if it was me or my room-mate) said, "Hey, we should watch The Wall now."

:: As a function of a movie's actual quality compared with my expectations going into it, I found Highlander 2: The Quickening far less disappointing than the original Highlander. I expected the former to be a steaming bowl of suck, and thus was able to kind of have fun with it, while the original had been so built up in my mind by a bunch of friends of mine who were huge fans of it that when I finally watched it I thought, "That's it?"

(Clancy Brown, though, rules in any number of ways.)

:: I wish somebody would make a paper bag large enough for a human to crawl inside, so I could see just what it is that cats love so much about getting inside paper bags. Then I'd like to have another person jump on top of the paper bag while I'm inside the paper bag, just like the cats do.

:: I was very glad when The Daughter outgrew CandyLand, because it always bugged me that aside from the shuffling of the deck, that game has no element of chance whatsoever.

:: My favorite chain restaurant dessert of all time is the apple pie at Don Pablo's, which I'm unlikely to ever get to eat again since the chain no longer exists in Western New York (hmmm, I wonder if it exists at all?). They would serve the slice of pie on a sizzling hot skillet, and it would be drenched in a hot brandy sauce and then topped with a scoop of ice cream. It was wonderful stuff, truly wonderful.

OK, that's that. Who to tag? Hmmmmm.

Still thinkin'. Hmmmm. Well, tag yourselves, folks!


Roger Owen Green said...

I LIKE CandyLand. we play with the rules that you can't go back, because otherwise, it could go on forever, especially when it's Lydia, her three or four bears and me.

Unknown said...

I always hated Candyland, even when I was a teen babysitting kids just a few years younger than me. I'm so glad my kids are into Chinese Checkers and Life now instead!

Anonymous said...

Don Pablo's does still exist. There are a few of them in the St. Paul - Minneapolis area.

But the one three blocks from me closed due to the city council's adherence to their "We don't want 'bars' in town because we're too good to have 'those things' in our city".