Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

Not a whole lot this week, but here's some stuff:

:: Something I never thought about: Pac-man's need, given all that dot-consumption, to void his bowels.

:: Why I Avoid Objectivists If At All Possible, entry #47382: I wandered onto the FilmScoreMonthly message boards, as I do once a while, just to see if there's any nifty film music news in the offing, and against my better judgment, I checked a thread devoted to the question of who might score the upcoming movie of Atlas Shrugged. Sure enough, the incredibly creepy fellow (initials 'DH') with whom I used to cross swords when I used to post there, is holding forth in grand fashion. He's apparently planning to tell John Williams personally that he hates his approach to film scoring (an act which, given Williams's years of success and reported high level of graciousness as a person, will likely be forgotten by Williams within minutes of its occurrence), and some, well, self-massage of the ego. A representative quote:

Objectivism inevitably separates the men from the boys, so to speak. I'd rather just speed up the process. Fact is, my no-nonsense--yet completely fair--attitude, along with the wisdom I'm able to wield, will draw most people [i.e., honest people] to Objectivism all the more. To those it repels, I say this: leave that copy of Atlas Shrugged on the shelf; somebody else deserves it, and you don't.

That's what talking to Objectivists tends to be like, in my experience, folks.

:: China's reputation, as far as respecting intellectual property, isn't very good. Here's the latest example of it. Wow. (Via Warren Ellis.)

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