Thursday, August 16, 2007

Unidentified Earth 15

OK, since last week's installment was one day late, I'll extend the guessing deadline for that one until tomorrow. So don't look for an answer until then! I seem to have come up with a stumper, since as of this writing, nobody's even hazarded a guess.

But now, to get this thing back onto its normal Thursday schedule, here's the new one:

Where are we?

(And as always, please ROT-13 your guesses!)


SAW said...

Cvpgher lbhefrys va n pybhq ba n evire ... Vg'f n evire haqre n pybhq.

Patrick Connors said...

Guerr Zvyr Vfynaq?

Aaron said...

Teeeee... Vg vf rknpgyl jung V gubhtug jura lbh svefg cbfgrq vg. V fjrne V sbyybjrq gur jubyr qnza guvat naq qvqa'g svaq gung vzntr, ohg abj gurer vg vf. V guvax Tbbtyr vf zrffva' jvgu zr. Cnanzn Pnany.

Anonymous said...

Gung vf gur Cnanzn Pnany.


redsneakz said...

Guerr Zvyr Vfynaq (V thrff guvf dhnyvsvrf nf n "Zr gbb" nafjre)