Monday, August 20, 2007

Quite contrary....

We are now making our way through the Little House books with The Daughter, reading a bit of them to her each night at bedtime. I'm missing large portions of the story, though, because she continues reading after we do our requisite fifteen minutes or so, which means that each night I'm picking up quite a ways after the place I'd left off. The books seem really disjointed that way.

But one thing I notice is that each time in the books that little Laura gets into some bit of trouble, no matter how small, Our Narrator (grown-up Laura, obviously) solemnly informs us just how good older sister Mary is, and how Mary never gets in trouble because she's just so good. And sure enough, Mary in the books seems to be a few diddlies away from leaving the Ingallses and becoming a Flanders.

That's that, I guess. It sounded more interesting before I wrote it.

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Laura said...

oh the memories of reading the series with my much younger girls each night....the night we read about jack being lost was rather tense as no one wanted to wait until tomorrow.