Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mea culpa.

I goofed a bit, folks, in writing this post, the "Seven Things" post. See, I wrote the intro first, saved it as a draft, and then came back later and wrote my seven things...but I forgot about the proviso I'd written in the first part of the post, in which I indicated that I'd list six true things and one false one.

So...all those things are actually true. And now I feel bad, so here are another seven things, with one genuinely false statement. Ye Gods....

1. I once had to get a tetanus shot when I paddled my kayak through a barbed-wire fence. (No, not at high speed, but I did get scratched a bit in trying to push my way through the fence.)

2. I own exactly two neckties, and the last time I wore one was when I had a job interview four years ago.

3. It's been a long time since I had the stuff, so I can't be too sure if it's still the case, but I used to like Vegemite.

4. I have never owned a pair of Levi's.

5. The first Major League Baseball game I ever attended saw the Phillies fall to the Pirates. This was in 1983 or so.

6. My graduation gift from my parents, when I graduated college, was a Persian kitten.

7. My favorite comic strip as a kid was...(oh, lord)...Family Circus.

OK, folks, there it is. One of these really is false. I promise!


Aaron said...

#3! Anyone who says they like that stuff is a liar! Plus, I am pretty sure I was there when you had some...

Anonymous said...

Assuming you mean the actual brand, not just using "Levi's" generically, I'll guess #4. (I almost said #3 but I'm figuring it can't be that easy.)

Roger Owen Green said...

I went right away to #3, tho' #4 is intriguing.If #7 is true, oh, the irony, given your regular dissection of the much better For Better or Worse. (Not that your criticisms are wrong; it's just a long way to have gone.)

Laura said...

hmmmm....i'm guessing #4