Sunday, August 19, 2007

Seven Things, again....

It missed my notice until the other day that Mark hit me with the venerable "Seven Things" quiz-meme, and before I could get my entry done, Aaron hit me with it as well. I'm sure I'm expected to do fourteen things, but no dice: I'll still do seven. Harumph.

So, this is just seven things about me, or something like that. But I'm doing a twist: one of these items is false. Try and guess which one. I dare you!

1. When the Bills first appeared in the Super Bowl (SB XXV, against the NY Giants), I was in college in Iowa and no place in town served Buffalo-style chicken wings at the time, so I had to make do with a big box of KFC's "Hot Wings", which were apparently not terribly popular in that town as every time I went in there to order Hot Wings, they had to fry them to order. I chalk this up to the generically bland cuisine in Iowa, where four shakes of the pepper shaker can render some dishes too spicy for local palates.

2. I never wore overalls in public until my junior year in college, at which time I took a lot of ribbing for wanting to fit in with all the native Iowans (very few of whom actually wore overalls, so I'm not sure what they were getting on about anyway).

3. The sharpest, most agonizing physical pain I have ever endured in my life came when I was in seventh grade and I had a very bad cold that settled into my ears, giving me an ear infection for the ages. That was bad enough, but the doctor prescribed two antibiotics, one to be taken internally and the other in the form of ear drops. Problem was, my ear canal was swollen shut to the point where the drops couldn't get in, so my mother jammed the dropper down in there.

4. It's the epitome of the cheesy ballad, but I can't get enough of Carrie Underwood singing "Inside Your Heaven".

5. In second grade we lived in Elkins, WV, where one of my best friends was the son of a coal miner. When I went to his apartment once, he showed me the room where his entire family slept, mom and dad and his siblings alike, in a series of beds lined up against one wall. (That kid was just a great guy, too -- Randall Riley was his name. He loved fishing. For only having spent one year in Elkins, some of the friends I made there stand out very strong in my memories -- as does my teacher, Sandy Pnakovich, who I recently learned through a bit of Googling died in hospice care a few years ago, of some form of cancer, I suspect.)

6. The first science fiction novel that I remember reading, outside of media tie-in books like the Star Wars novelizations and James Blish's novelizations of Star Trek episodes was The Time Machine by HG Wells.

7. As much as I enjoy wit and funny wordplay, I also love a good madcap slapstick farce...and yet I cannot stand the Three Stooges. Laurel and Hardy? I like them...and I could watch Abbott and Costello until doomsday. But the Stooges? Not a fan.

OK, that's all. I'll actually tag some people now, although probably not the required seven: Kellie (whom I don't think I've ever tagged before), Roger (who's probably done this already), Steph and Nettl (tagging both halves of a couple here!), and sticking with the couples-tagging, Scott and Kim. Oh heck, what's one more to get the required seven for the Seven Things quiz? Vicki, here it is!


Roger Owen Green said...

Probably did this, once upon a time, but I'm a masochist. On the false piece, I definitely will steal that. As for YOUR false one, I'm hoping it's #4, but really don't know.

Kellie said...

Nope, you've never tagged me. And, despite my post's intro, feel free to tag me in the future. I think I'm going to take my aversion to all things Meme-ish and do something fun with them if ever another should cross my path. Maybe I'll start an Anti-meme movement.

Belladonna said...

I'm thinking you made up #5, that Randall Riley is a complete creation of your very fertile imagination.

Aaron said...

I am going to guess #3. It seems you've mentioned #4 and #5 before, #4 recently...

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that #4 is false. #1 is definitely true, folks.